Mar. 24, 2022

Five Unexpected Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors While Living in a City

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Five Unexpected Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors While Living in a City

Blue skies and bright, shining sun are signs that spring is only days away. Spring is the perfect time for renewal and to reinvent- and that includes adding a variety of activities to reinvigorate the body, mind, and spirit.    

You are ready to get outside and enjoy warmer temperatures but maybe have realized you might not be as outdoorsy as you’d like to be. Not everyone is cut out to pitch a tent or has the inclination to participate in outdoor sports.

But what you do have are interesting and unexpected options to get your body moving and feel some sunshine on your face. Healthy additions to your lifestyle can include some unusual, but beneficial choices for experiencing the vitality of the outdoors.

Walking Tours

City sidewalks don’t necessarily bring to mind an outdoor adventure, but they can be the source of a healthy activity that moves the body and inspires the mind. Many U.S. cities offer a variety of walking tours that provide up-close history lessons while getting in your steps. 

Explore your hometown or a city where you are vacationing and absorb the rich heritage of historical sites while ensuring that exercise remains a priority. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated during your stroll discovering your city’s story.   

Community Gardens

Many urban neighborhoods are now dotted with lush areas devoted to community gardens. Traditional exercise might not be your cup of tea but digging in the earth and harvesting a bounty of produce is the very thing that can get your heart pumping. Multiple facets of a healthy lifestyle including physical activity and nutritional education come together to benefit members of a community through garden programs and other initiatives.

The gardens provide easier access to food and improve mental health by strengthening community bonds. And while you are hoeing rows of potatoes or weeding raised you can get a full-body workout doing something you love. 

Outdoor Book Club

So this activity doesn’t require much movement other than turning the pages of a book, but it can get you outside to enjoy some fresh air and friendships, both of which contribute to a sense of well-being. Choose a nice shady spot under a sprawling tree or gather on a park bench. You and your book buddies can debate characters and plots while experiencing the delights of a spring day.

And no book club gathering is complete without snacks, so this is a perfect opportunity to add some healthy treats to this relaxing activity. A good book, a warm breeze, and the company of friends can be a relaxing highlight to a fine spring day.

Go For a Bike Ride (Zoo)

Maybe gardening isn’t your thing, but staying active is. Most cities provide an impressive urban landscape allowing for long bike rides through a maze of streets and alleys. You’ll barely notice how much of a workout you get if you incorporate a historical trek or an eating tour with multiple destinations.

And you will reap even more physical benefits if you plan a route to include some more uphill streets or maybe a city park that has more terrain changes. Riding around a city gets you outside and more familiar to your city streets.


This activity can actually encompass all of the above recommendations for enjoying the outdoors and so much more. Every town and every city has nonprofit organizations that depend on the generosity of their volunteers. Use their needs to add some physical outdoor activities to your repertoire.

Check out nonprofits or volunteer matching sites in your area to find ways to spend time outside by giving back to your community. Their assortment of tasks is often as varied as the organizations themselves so go find a volunteer opportunity that moves your body and benefits those in need.

Outdoorsy - with a Twist

So you aren’t one to run a marathon or repel down some towering rocks. But you do love being active and outside. Forget about the traditional activities that are defined as “outdoorsy.” They probably aren’t for you. But with a little imagination and a big desire to propel yourself along a healthy lifestyle path, you can find inspiration in your own backyard.

A Healthy Diet Is a Great Addition

Supplement your outdoor activities with a healthy diet. You can make subtle changes to your favorite recipes to start eating cleaner and feeling better without restricting your diet. Try substituting your usual baking flour with gluten-free flour. Some of the healthiest flour for baking tastes great and holds together the same way processed alternatives do. Don’t be afraid to try out some healthy baking recipes with this easy substitution.


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